Law Office of Valeria A. Gheorghiu – “Permaculture Justice” Note: As of May, 2019, I work as an Associate Attorney at David Tykulsker & Associates.

Permaculture Justice is the practice of law applying permaculture principles to advance human rights and protect the environment.  Integrating restorative justice and aboriginal justice, and common sense, permaculture justice seeks to defend the right to live sustainably and independently in all its various forms:

Off grid treehouses, ecovillages, intentional communities, protest occupations, mass defense, land use claims against fossil fuel system, Religious Land Use and Institutionalized Persons Act (RLUIPA) claims, community organizing, cooperative formation, community environmental rights, environmental human rights, human rights, land use proceedings for zoning compliance and building permits, lobbying for expansion of natural building processes recognized as legitimate, (such as household bio-gas digesters) and other relevant claims.

Previous clients Valeria represented include:

  • Ramapough Nation – in various land use litigation applying the Religious Land Use and Institutionalized Persons Act, drafting permit applications for religious use variances, organizing restorative justice style visioning circles to cocreate the site plan design and fundraising over $20,000 for legal fees and costs through private donations and the NYC-NLG Foundation.
  • Maetreum of Cybele Magna Mater, Inc. – in their legal battle against the discriminatory town assessor of Catskill, et al., who denied them property tax exemption as a nonprofit because they alleged the group claimed religious nonprofit status to subvert taxes and live as a collective, again citing RLUIPA.
  • Uptown Kingston Community Alliance – delayed gas regulator development for months in their resistance against Central Hudson’s application for a special permit to construct an above ground gas regulator in the heart of residential uptown Kingston, NY.
  • TWU Local 100 – Won election representation hearing before the National Labor Relations Board for Citi Bike Jersey City.
  • Occupy New Paltz – Negotiated a dismissal in the interests of justice for trespass charges by the Village of New Paltz against the occupation, negotiated away permit fees and insurance requirements for indigent clients such as Occupy New Paltz during their occupation when it was permitted.
  • Wawayanda 6 (through work at Sussman & Associates) – Drafted trial memorandum for the climate necessity defense in James Cromwell’s et al. civil disobedience case against the CPV hydrofracked gas electric generation plant in Wawayanda, NY.